Monday, October 25, 2010

Everywhere You
Go: Black Cats

Lately, there's been a surfeit of black swans in the media, but the
black cat
is timeless (I have a 16-year-old named Sterling). Here-
with, in honor of Halloween, are a few of my favorites. Incidentally,
while I realize that they appear in countless books, movies, and the
like, I chose examples where the phrase also appears in the title.

Trailer for 1941's The Black Cat with Basil Rathbone and Alan
Ladd (one among several US films to operate under that title).

Kaneto Shindo's Kuroneko plays NYC's Film Forum 10/22-28.

Serbian director Emir Kusturica's 1998 Black Cat, White Cat
(click here for my review of his Palme d'Or-winning Undergound).

Click here for more movie posters and here for my review of Broad-
cast & the Focus Group - Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age.

Click here for part two.

Endnote: British cover image for Kuroneko, AKA "Black Cat,"
from Weird Wild Realm. Expect an announcement from the Cri-
terion Collection about a domestic DVD release any day now.

1/12 update: Click here for the best photo essay ever.

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