Friday, September 12, 2008

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One: The

The shot above doesn't do Onyx justice. I've never met a
more handsome fellow. He even won the Anchorage cat
show one year, and he was a mixed breed (like all our cats).

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After a flurry of images featuring me and my friends,
I figured it was time to give the cats some. It isn't that
my life revolves around the furry creatures—it doesn't,
I swear—but that they've always been a part of my life.

Sometimes they drive me up the wall (whining, scratching).
Sometimes I drive them up the wall (whining, scratching...),
but I appreciate their companionship and entertaining antics.

Onyx enjoys the world's best nap.

Harpo posing in our overgrown yard on Garfield Street, surrounded by dandelion and clover. Feline lieukemia got him at two years old.

Emma, my first cat. She was so healthy for so much of
her life, I was sure she'd live a long time, but she was
felled by intestinal cancer at 11. She was a sweetheart.

Sterling posing for the camera—back when he
was small enough to fit atop my tiny dresser.

Sterling napping with Emma (he's on the bed, she's on the
floor). I've never had a cat who didn't love to laze in the sun.
Click here for Chapter Two: Lola (in a class by herself)

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Endnote: All photos taken by my mom (Anchorage) or my-
self (Seattle). In my case, I opted for Kodak one-time use dis-
posable cameras. Missing cats: Rover, Bayla, Luna, and Sam,
AKA Vlad the Impaler, all of whom were short-timers com-
pared to the characters above. Cross-posted at Facebook
as All My Cats. Click here for Reelin' in the Years, Part
(me) and here for Two (my film friends).

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