Friday, April 20, 2018

April Reviews

These are the reviews and other  
pieces I'm working on this month.

The Stranger Music Things to Do: The Breeders and Khruangbin, the Mattson 2.

The Stranger Film Openings: Claire's Camera, a Film by the Productive Korean Auteur Hong Sang-Soo, New Wim Wenders Thriller Submergence Goes Through the Motions, and Death Metal and Techno Joan of Arc in Jeannette, the Childhood of Joan of Arc.

The Stranger SIFF Notes: Angels Wear White, I Miss You 
When I See You, Last ChildNaila and the Uprising, On 
Borrowed Time, and Virus Tropical.

Video Librarian: A Revolution in Four Seasons, The Divine Order, OneRepublic: Live in South Africa, and A Woman and Her Car.

Endnote: Image from L'Avventura Films.