Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November Reviews


These are
the reviews
and other
pieces I'm
working on
this month.

Amazon DVD: The Tree (with Charlotte Gainsbourg).

Amazon Theatricals: Werner Herzog's Into the Abyss,
Alexander Payne's The Descendants (with George Cloon-
ey), and Martin Scorsese's Hugo (with Asa Butterfield).

Still playing (or yet to open): 50/50, Contagion, Drive, The Help,
The Rum Diary, The Skin I Live In, and Weekend.

Line Out: Graveyard Smash: Thee Cormans - "Open
the Gates," The Darkest of Waves: Soft Moon - Total De-
, Fucked Forever: SpokAnarchy!, Back for the Attack
with Black Bananas
, In the Blue TV Screen Light: James
Blake vs. Joni Mitchell
, German-Engineered to Fit Your
Life: Rheingold, Tasseomancy - "Heavy Sleep," Hungry
Like the Wolf: Cate Le Bon, Turning on the Charm with
Brian and Bob
, A New Thing from Field Music, Don't
Ever Fade Away
, Exotic Sounds of Young Magic &
Martin Denny
, Life Lessons with Mark E. Smith,
They've Lost Control, Music Films at the NWFF:
Winter 2011-12
, Fleet Foxes - "Shrine / An Ar-
," Two Weeks Barbershop: They Cut
, U Daft Piece of Slack Shit, Trish Kee-
nan Tribute Album
, Blowfly's On-Screen
Freak Party
, Air, Scorsese, Méliès, and
the Moon
, Let's Get Small, Y'all, and
Total Control in Total Control.

SIFF: Love Crime and My Afternoons with Marguerite.

Video Librarian: From Trash to Tunes, Girls on the Wall, Pink
, Queen of the Sun - What Are the Bees Telling Us?, Riot Acts -
Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance
, Silver Girls,
Women in the Dirt
, Yogiños - Yoga for Youth: Vishnu's OHMazing
, Fambul Tok, Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power Live,
Mr. Nice
, Out Late, A Passionate Woman [2-disc set], The Tree.

Endnote: Image from Wikipedia (screen grab from
video taken at the Soft Moon show on Feb. 6th, 2011).