Friday, May 04, 2012

May Reviews

May Reviews

These are the reviews and other 
pieces I'm working on this month.

Amazon DVD: Weeds - Season Seven [three-disc set] (click here for six)

Amazon Theatricals:  
Sound of My Voice (with
Another Earth writer-
actress Brit Marling).

Line Out: Seun Kuti - From Africa with Fury, Prins Thomas Remixes Dent May, Happy Trails with MV and EE, Willis Earl
Beal - One-Man Band at Barboza
, Ty Segall and White Fence at Chop Suey, Beak > Returns to Bedevil Your Text, Melody's Echo Chamber - "Crystallized," Live Music + 35mm Classics at the NWFF, On Musical Perpetual-Motion Machines, Pickled Pig's Feet and Corn Liquor (Standing in the Shadows of Motown), A Band Called Death: The Documentary, Dent May Does Things His Own Way, Alpine Party Rock with Thee Oh Sees, Young Magic Remix and Mixtape, "Don't Fuck with the Fat Kid," Bad Brains: A Band in DC, Shintaro Sakamoto - "In a Phantom Mood," Julia Holter and
Jib Kidder at Barboza
, Redd Kross Research the Blues, Paul Williams at the Egyptian, Roll the Dice's Canadian Mixtape,
The Soft Moon and John Foxx, and Blouse - "Time Travel."  

SIFF (notes for the 2012 guide): Finding North, Rebellion, Step
up to the Plate
, Goodbye, Winter Nomads, A Checkout Girl's Big Adventures, The Crown Jewels, The Fourth State, The Blindfold, L’Afrance, Free Throw, The Details, and The Intouchables.

SIFFBlog: SIFF Dispatch #1, SIFF Dispatch #2, SIFF Dispatch #3.

Video Librarian: Legends of Folk - The Village Scene, Sleep-
ing Beauty, The Man on the Train, The Best of Bluegrass Un-
derground, The Fat Body (In)Visible, The Jeff Healey Band - 
Live in Belgium,   Leaving Home, Me Facing Life - Cyntoia's 
Story, One Alcoholic to Another - Demystifying AA, Wild Life - 
Une Vie Sauvage, Dawn of the Dead - The Grateful Dead and 
the Rise of the San Francisco Underground, Led Zeppelin - 
Dazed and Confused, and When the Drum Is Beating.

Endnote: Image from Fox Searchlight Pictures.