Thursday, July 07, 2016

July Reviews

Royalty Hightower in The Fits.
These are 
the reviews 
and other 
pieces I'm 
working on 
this month.

The Stranger Film Openings: Royalty Hightower Illuminates the Coming-of-Age Tale The Fits, French Cowboys, Islamic Terrorists, and John C. Reilly in Les Cowboys, NUTS! Tells the Story of an All-American Nut, and A 100-Year-Old Woman in Older Than Ireland Attributes Her Long Life to the Fact She Never Ate a Vegetable.

Slog/Film Opening count: 661 posts/reviews since 2011.

The Stranger Music Things to Do: Puget Soundtrack:
Fungal Abyss Presents The Devils

Video Librarian: The Damned - Don't You Wish That We Were Dead [DVD+Blu-ray], East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem, The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170 - Julius Cavero, Song of Lahore, The Winding Stream - The Carters, the Cashes, and the Course of Country Music, A Sinner in Mecca, Wondrous Boccaccio, Cornbread, Earl and Me [Blu].

Endnote: Image from Oscilloscope Laboratories.