Sunday, May 31, 2020

June Reviews

These are the reviews and other projects I'm working on this month.

Seattle Film Blog: As Two Women Battle It Out in Shirley, Josephine Decker Proves She Isn't Afraid of Virginia Woolf--or Shirley Jackson and Suzi Q Recounts the Rise of Suzi Quatro from Suburban Detroit Kid to Glam-Rock Superstar.

TeenTix: Worked with student writer Josh on his review of a set of Texas high school-made SXSW shorts. Click here for the films.

Video Librarian: Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers - The Intrigue and the Forgotten Films of Julia Crawford Ivers (1867-1930) [Blu-ray], The Night My Number Came Up [Blu-ray], The Song of Songs [Blu-ray]Tomorrow's Children / Child Bride (Forbidden Fruit Vol. 5) [Blu-ray], Advocate, And Then We DancedClaude Sautet & Romy Schneider Duo (C├ęsar et Rosalie / Les Choses de la Vie) [Blu-ray].

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Endnote: Shirley image from Neon.

Monday, May 11, 2020

May Reviews

These are the reviews and other 
projects I'm working on this month.

Seattle Film Blog: Beanie Feldstein Learns How to Build a Girl in This "True-ish" Tale from the Music-Rag TradeTimes Square (TBA), a revamped version of my 2007 interview with John Sayles, circa Honeydripper, and a revamped version of my 2008 visit to the set of Lynn Shelton's Humpday.

Video Librarian: Adriana's PactMarius Petipa - The French Master of Russian Ballet, Pushout - The Criminalization of Black 
Girls in Schools
, UnspokenWhat Are You?, Angelfish, Crafting an Echo, Don't Be a Dick About It, Fairytale, Good Ol Girl, and Shameless - The Complete Tenth Season [three-disc set].

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Endnote: Times Square image from the IMDb.