Saturday, April 05, 2014

April Reviews

These are the reviews 
and other pieces I'm 
working on this month.

Seattle International Film Festival: Four blurbs for the SIFF program guide: Desert Runners, Everything We Loved, The Great Museum, and Healing

The Stranger's SIFF Notes: Bad Hair, Clownwise, and more. 

Slog: Ambient Artist K. Leimer and the Quieter, More Electronic-Oriented Side of the Seattle Sound, Remixer Extraordinaire Todd Terje Produces His First Full-Length with a Little Help from Bryan Ferry, German Duo Boozoo Bajou Bend and Stretch Jazz (and Other Styles) into Beautiful New Shapes, I'm Ambivalent About Total Control's "Flesh War" Single (but I Dig That '80s Flashback Title), If You're Gonna Watch a Guy Drive Down a Motorway for 85 Minutes, It Might as Well Be Tom Hardy: A Preview of One-Man Motion Picture Locke, New Music and Images from Brazil's Boogarins, Late Pass: Portland Trio WL Plays with Contrasts on Their Captivating Full-Length Debut, Hold, Woods' With Light and with Love Lives Up to its Hippy-Dippy Title—and That's a Good Thing,
The Strangest and Most Influential Movie Spectacular Never Made: Jodorowsky's Dune, Neneh Cherry: Alone with a Studio and a Camera, Animal Kingdom Director David Michôd Has a New Film on the Way with Robert Pattinson, and The Contradictory Couple in Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive Are Neither Alone Nor Alive

Line Out/Slog Music post count: 533 posts since 2011. 

Video Librarian: Brian May and Kerry Ellis - The Candlelight 

Concerts: Live at Montreux 2013 [Blu], Lou Reed: Transformer and Live at Montreux 2000 [Blu], The Punk Singer, American Masters - Billie Jean King, Arctic Hip Hop, Beyond the Music, First Comes Love, The Hooping Life, Karama Has No Walls, Mrs. Judo, Punk in Africa, Street of Dreams, Don’t Ask Me Questions - The Unsung Life of Graham Parker & the Rumour, Grand Piano.

Endnote: Poster image from Sony Pictures Classics.