Saturday, March 09, 2019

March Reviews

Leonard and Jamie / Photograph from Bettmann / Getty
These are the 
reviews and 
other pieces 
I'm working 
on this month.

Seattle Film Blog: From Young Person's Concerts to West Side Story: Celebrating the Centennial of Leonard Bernstein at the Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Hanging on by a Thread at Patrick Wang's Art-vs-Commerce Opus A Bread Factory, and an updated version of Half Nelson.

The Stranger: No film assignments until SIFF (5/16 - 6/9).

Video Librarian: G Is for Gun - The Arming of Teachers in 
, Jewel's Catch One, Lovesick, Nothing Without Us - 
The Women Who Will End AIDS
, The Pushouts, The War in 
Between, Hot to Trot, Nude AreaThe Party's Just Beginning.

Endnote: Bernstein image from The New Yorker.