Sunday, November 04, 2012

November Reviews

Technological remnant of the 1980s
These are the reviews and other pieces I'm working on this month. 

Amazon DVDs: Parenthood - The Complete 3rd Season [five-disc set], Last of the Summer Wine - Vintage 1995 Sum-
mer Reserve
[two-disc set], Upstairs Downstairs - Season 2 [two-disc set], and Ancient Aliens - Season 4 [two-Blu-ray set]

Amazon Theatricals: Ang Lee's Life of Pi, Joe Wright's Anna Karenina, and Steven Spielberg's Lincoln (with Daniel Day-Lewis).

Line Out: Matmos Gets Literal in New Video, Dual Form, Cyclist, and Cassette Culture, There Are Still Careers in Combat, My Son, Remixing Neneh Cherry and The Thing, Big Star and the Ballad of the Rock Doc, Stones Throw Doc on the Way, Just Say Yeah, Yeah, Yeah to Tyvek, Tweeting Scott Walker's Bish Bosch, Lola, the Boombox Cat, The Ghost of Karen Carpenter Lives On, Pearl Necklace, Arp, Double Entendres, Helado Negro's "Dance Ghost".

Video Librarian: The Kathy Griffin Collection [two-disc set],
Broken Cameras, Groundhogs - Live at Astoria, Mariachi High. 

Endnote: Image from my personal collection.