Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March Reviews

These are 
the reviews 
and other 
pieces I'm 
working on 
this month.

The Stranger Film Openings: Pushing Dead, The Twilight of an ACT UP Activist in the Engaging After Louie, and All I Wish Heralds the Return of Sharon Stone.

The Stranger MTTD: U.S. Girls, Guests, Beth Ditto, SSION, and Alvvays, Frankie Rose.

Video Librarian: Endo What?, Generation Zapped, Out of State, She Started It, Spettacolo, The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin, Birdboy - The Forgotten Children, and Robert Plant and the Sensational Shape Shifters - Live at David Lynch's Festival of Disruption.

Endnote: Image from U.S. Girls' "Window Shades" video