Friday, May 04, 2012

May Reviews

These are the reviews and other 
pieces I'm working on this month.

Amazon DVD: Weeds - Season Seven [three-disc set] (click here for six)

Amazon Theatricals:  
Sound of My Voice (with
Another Earth writer-
actress Brit Marling).

Line Out: Seun Kuti - From Africa with Fury, Prins Thomas Remixes Dent May, Happy Trails with MV and EE, Willis Earl Beal - One-Man Band at Barboza, Ty Segall and White Fence at Chop Suey, Beak > Returns to Bedevil Your Text, Melody's Echo Chamber - "Crystallized," Live Music + 35mm Classics at the NWFF, On Musical Perpetual-Motion Machines, Pickled Pig's Feet and Corn Liquor (Standing in the Shadows of Motown), A Band Called Death: The Documentary, Dent May Does Things His Own Way, Alpine Party Rock with Thee Oh Sees, Young Magic Remix and Mixtape, "Don't Fuck with the Fat Kid," Bad Brains: A Band in DC, Shintaro Sakamoto - "In a Phantom Mood," Julia Holter and Jib Kidder at Barboza, Redd Kross Research the Blues, Paul Williams at the Egyptian, Roll the Dice's Canadian Mixtape,
The Soft Moon and John Foxx, and Blouse - "Time Travel."  

SIFF (notes for the 2012 guide): Finding North, Rebellion, Step
up to the Plate
, Goodbye, Winter Nomads, A Checkout Girl's Big Adventures, The Crown Jewels, The Fourth State, The Blindfold, L’Afrance, Free Throw, The Details, and The Intouchables.

SIFFBlog: SIFF Dispatch #1, SIFF Dispatch #2, SIFF Dispatch #3.

Video Librarian: Legends of Folk - The Village Scene, Sleep-
ing Beauty, The Man on the Train, The Best of Bluegrass Un-
derground, The Fat Body (In)Visible, The Jeff Healey Band - 
Live in Belgium,   Leaving Home, Me Facing Life - Cyntoia's 
Story, One Alcoholic to Another - Demystifying AA, Wild Life - 
Une Vie Sauvage, Dawn of the Dead - The Grateful Dead and 
the Rise of the San Francisco Underground, Led Zeppelin - 
Dazed and Confused, and When the Drum Is Beating.

Endnote: Image from Fox Searchlight Pictures.

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