Friday, September 12, 2008

in the

Two: Lola
(in a class

by herself)

Checking out the street through the blinds.

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Herewith a tribute to Lola, my tiny grey cat. As
Robert Smith once sang, "All cats are grey (in the
dark)." Though undersized, she's energetic, af-
fectionate, and has the world's softest coat.

Waking from a nap, feeling woozy.

Feeling quizzical.

Star of her own personal David Lynch film.

Poster art for INLAND EMPIRE II: Lola Strikes Back.

A more pastoral version of the same image, courtesy me
(photo and ephemera), Susie Ghahremani (handbill),
and Giant Robot, who hosted her art show. For more
information about Ghahremani, please click here.

Not a very flattering picture, but the expression is priceless.

Click here for Chapter One: All My Cats

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Endnote: Cross-posted at Facebook as Lo lo lo
Lola. Lo lo lo Lola.
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Part One (me) and here for Two (film friends).

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