Monday, November 01, 2010

November Reviews

These are the reviews
and other pieces I'm
working on this month.

Amazon DVDs: Ancient
Aliens - Season One
disc set]
, Head (part of A-
merica Lost & Found - The
BBS Story
), The Vampire Diaries - The Complete First Season [five-disc set], Phil Collins - Going Back: Live
at Roseland Ballroom, N-
, and The Pillars of the
[three-disc set].

Amazon Theatricals: Love & Other Drugs (Edward Zwick directs Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway) and The King's Speech (Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter).

Still playing (or yet to open): Get Low, Hereafter, In-
, Inside Job, The Kids Are All Right, Never Let Me
, Nowhere Boy, The Town, and Waiting for Superman.

Amazon/Armchair Commentary: Best Movies
& TV of 2010 - The Best of Art House & International.

Hollywood Reporter: No, I don't contribute to the Re-
, but I was happy to offer a few quotes for this post.

Siffblog: Olivier Assayas' Carlos (click here for Summer Hours).

Video Librarian: Legend of the Seeker - The Complete Second
and Final Season
[five-disc set], NY Export - Opus Jazz, Disney-
nature - Oceans
, Exit Through the Gift Shop, A Woman, a Gun
and a Noodle Shop
, Garbage Dreams, Gender Redesigner,
Harp Dreams
, The Line, Swimming With Lesbians, Ev-
eryone Else
, A Mother's Courage - Talking Back
to Autism,
Lady Gaga - One Sequin at a
Marina of the Zabbaleen, The
Time Is Right for Mee
, and Wir-
ed for Sex, Lies and Pow-
er Trips - It's a
Teen's World

Endnote: Image from Living in Cinema.

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