Sunday, January 23, 2011

Everywhere You Go: Black Cats II

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As I finally got caught up with Kaneto Shindo's Kuroneko
yesterday (at SIFF Cinema through Thurs., 1/27), this seem-
ed like a good time to recognize more black cats. Instead of
videos, here are the photos and panels that caught my eye.

Black cats
are a stylist's best friend (white will do in a
Socks doesn't wake up for less than $10,000 a day.

Felix is a foot fetishist.

Mark Twain was a feline fancier and the web offers several pictures
of the author with tabby kittens (one of whom looks a little irritated).
His daughter, Jean, used her Brownie to capture this fine fellow.

Everyone knows about Catwoman (soon to be played by Anne Hathaway), but fewer are likely to know about Felicia Hardy, AKA The Black Cat, who appears to share a little DNA with Socks above.

Even Wonder Woman finds them intimidating (actually, this superheroine is her similarly-garbed lookalike, Phantom Lady).

One of the best things ever. Better even than this Béla Tarr t-shirt.

Click here for "The Quintessential Black Cat."
Images from The Cat Network, VisualizeUs, We Shall March,, postmodernbarney ("The Mystery of the Black
Cat"), and Boing Boing ("Cat Flag" created by Art Yucko).

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