Sunday, April 30, 2006

An Idle Threat

In February, I threatened to stop running Google on my name every other month, but I haven't been able to stop.

What can I say? I'm addicted. Even if the results look the same every time. Why do I
do it? To assuage my ego, naturally. Whether it shows or not, I put a fair amount of work
into my reviews, and I'd hate to think no one's reading them.

However illusory, Google makes me feel as if my efforts hav-
en't gone unnoticed. So here are the latest stats: 194,000
hits for my full name, 30,600 hits for the short version
(lately the former has been growing, while the latter has
been shrinking). These are some of the more interesting sites.

Air America:
Amazon review of Nada Surf - The Weight Is a Gift
AMG review of Lida Husik - Bozo

Bickett Gallery:
Amazon review of Style Wars

Chicago Pride:
Amazon review of Latter Days

Iceberg Radio:
AMG bio of Mr. Airplane Man

[Contacted the duo to confirm a few details--nice folks!]

Amazon review of House, M.D.

Amazon review of Huff - The Complete First Season

The Stranger:
Tablet review of Lushy - S/T
Amazon review of The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder - Punk & New Wave

[Tom Kipp used the excerpt with Kim Fowley in his fine Pop Studies Conference paper on the thin weird duke's Outrageous.
I had no idea this "Plan Nine From Outer Space" of albums was
the source for Sonic Youth's sublime "Bubblegum."]

Twist & Shout:
Amazon review of New York Doll

Note: Images from the AMG, Creem online (it lives!), and
Julian Cope's Head Heritage, which features a fun review.

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