Sunday, February 12, 2006

This Must Be the Place,
or the View From Google

Home is where I want to be
Pick me up and turn me round.
-- Talking Heads,
"This Must Be the Place"


Every other month I take a trip over to Google to see where my reviews are ending up. Some of the more interesting sites are listed below. This time my full name garnered 110,000 hits (Kathy Fennessy garnered 29,200). This may be the last time I post my findings as these lists all look the same. Clearly, I need to start doing different kinds of writing
to start showing up in different kinds of search results!
Over-long AMG bio of the Scientists

Amazon review of Born Into Brothels

The Big Cartoon Database:
Amazon review of Tales From Avonlea - Comp First Season
Amazon review of Morrissey - Who Put the M in Manchester?

[A Beth Ditto favorite! According to a recent Stranger
interview, she plays it daily. For inspiration, natch.]

AMG review of Giant Sand - Cover Magazine

Monsters & Critics:
Amazon review of Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season

NFC (Nirvana Fan Club) Board:
AMG review of The Beasts of Bourbon - The Axeman's Jazz

[Featuring Kim Salmon of the Scientists.]

Amazon review of Scratch

TSADP (Texas Students Against the Death Penalty):
Amazon review of Redemption - The Stan "Tookie" Williams Story

[I'm proud to be associated with this site. They also feature
Jeff Shannon's reviews of Capote and Dead Man Walking.]

In my heart is a place called swampland
Nine parts water, one part sand.
-- The Scientists, "Swampland"


Note: The Scientists album cover from NKVD Records. Talking Heads lyrics from Lyrics Freak and Scientists lyrics from Gullbuy.

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