Saturday, February 04, 2006

Reviews: From New Or-
leans to Charleston (by
Way of Bologna)

Belong, October Lan-
guage, Carpark Records

Recorded in pre-Katrina New
Orleans, October Language
is instrumental rock in the vein of Pelican, but not as metallic.
Moody, but not spooky. Mellow, but (definitely) not new age.

When it comes to music san vocals, I like jazz—especially
Miles Davis and John Coltrane—and soundtracks—especially
Henry Mancini and Ennio Morricone—but I've never gotten
into Tortoise-style post-rock. Not bad, just not my thing.

Extra credit for the Out Hud-esque titles: "I Nev-
er Lose. Never Really," "I'm Too Sleepy...Shall We
Swim?," "The Door Opens the Other Way," etc.

Dévics, Push the Heart, Filter US Recordings

This Italian-based duo (of expatriate Los Angelenos) has listened
to a few Beth Orton records in their time. This isn't to suggest that
Sara Lov and Dustin O'Hallaran are ripping her off—their third CD
isn't particularly "folktronic"—but their gentle songs are based
around piano lines and Lov's whispery voice, which has a slight
Ortonish catch to it. According to the press notes, Dévics will
be providing the music for Sofia Coppolla's upcoming Marie An-
, which looks like a bit of a trainwreck—and I loved her
first two features—but it's sure to have a lovely soundtrack.

The Films, S/T EP, Filter US Recordings

This funny-haired foursome formed in Denver, Colorado before
relocating to Charleston, South Carolina. Apparently, they have-
n't read the alternative rock rule book which requires that bands
instead move to Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle,
Chicago, or Chapel Hill—so good for them. And good for us that
this three-song EP makes for such an enjoyable listen. A bit on
the familiar side, I suppose, but it's catchy, energetic stuff. Not
quite garage and not quite power-pop, but somewhere in be-
tween (chiming guitars, what sounds like farfisa, etc.). I like it.

***** ***** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** *****

Note: Photograph of Dévics CD/T-shirt/poster designer
Francesca Montanari from their official website. Incidentally,
without the accent over the "e," Devics is a "rare disorder which
resembles multiple sclerosis," according to the Mayo Clinic (I
discovered this when I Googled the band name). So if you're a
fellow journalist, blogger, et al: Be kind and remember the accent!

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