Saturday, January 06, 2018

January Reviews

These are the 
reviews and other 
pieces I'm working 
on this month.

SIFFcast: Best of 2017 Part 1

The Stranger Film Openings: The Nina Simone of Kinshasa Has a Don't-Fuck-With-Me Face in Félicité, Aida's Secrets Is a Documentary About the Only Secrets That Matter—a Family's Secrets, I Ciambra, and more to come.   

The Stranger MTTD: Spoon and White Reaper, Filthy Friends and Acapulco Lips (since cancelled), Circuit des Yeux and somesurprises, Jessica Lea Mayfield and Sun Seeker, and more to come. 

Video Librarian: After Fire, Black Girl in Suburbia, By Blood, Gender Troubles - The Butches, Live from UB - Rock & Freedom in the New Mongolia, Mama Colonel, Men - A Love Story, My Bolivia, CMA Awards Live - Greatest Moments 1968-2015 [10-disc set], M.F.A. [Blu-ray], and The Defiant Ones [Blu-ray+DVD disc set].

Endnote: Image from MUBI by way of the IMDb.