Monday, July 01, 2024

July Reviews

These are the reviews and other projects I'm working on this month.
Cucalorus Film Festival: screening committee member.

KNKX: I'm quoted in this piece about the state of Scarecrow Video.

Video Librarian: Lyd, The Sales Girl, and In Our Day. Ongoing: Apple Seed [Blu-ray]Barbarella [Blu-ray set], Blood Money: $10,000 Blood MoneyFind a Place to Die, Vengeance is Mine, and Matalo! [Blu-ray set]Borsalino [Blu-ray]The Day of the Locust [Blu-ray], Deathdream [Blu-ray]Fighting Back [Blu-ray]Full Body Massage [Blu-ray]The Iron-Fisted Monk [Blu-ray]Kill Butterfly Kill [Blu-ray]Last House on the Left [Blu-ray/UHD set]The Last Starfighter [Blu-ray], Lion-Girl [Blu-ray]Long Arm of the Law: Parts I and II [Blu-ray set]Messiah of Evil [Blu-ray]New Fist of Fury [Blu-ray]The Only Way [Blu-ray]The Postman Fights Back [Blu-ray]The Prodigal Son [Blu-ray], Savage Guns: Four Classic Westerns: El Puro, Four of the ApocalypseI Want Him DeadWrath of the Wind [Blu-ray set]Suburra [Blu-ray]Taxi Hunter [Blu-ray]The Warriors [Blu-ray/UHD set]Waterworld [Blu-ray/UHD set]Weird Science [Blu-ray]Witness [Blu-ray/UHD set], and Wrong Reasons [Blu-ray]

Image: Hollywood Reporter (Mia Goth and Halsey).

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