Friday, September 01, 2023

September Reviews

These are the reviews and other projects I'm working on this month.

Seattle Film Blog: A Bold Case Against Systemic Oppression: Marleen Gorris's A Question of Silence, and Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Her Away: Ann Oren's Equine-Inspired Fairytale Piaffe. Ongoing: Blood Money: $10,000 Blood Money, Find a Place to Die, Vengeance is Mine, and Matalo! [Blu-ray set], Borsalino [Blu-ray], Broken Mirrors [Blu-ray], Carlito's Way [Blu-ray/UHD set], Cisco Kid: 13 Movies [five Blu-ray set], Fighting Back [Blu-ray], Hugo [two Blu-ray set], The Iron Prefect [Blu-ray], Jack Armstrong: The All American Boy [Blu-ray], Last House on the Left [UHD/Blu-ray set]The Last Starfighter [Blu-ray], A Moment of Romance [Blu-ray], New Fist of Fury [Blu-ray], The Only Way [Blu-ray], The Postman Fights Back [Blu-ray]The Prodigal Son [Blu-ray], A Question of Silence [Blu-ray], Red Sun [Blu-ray], Stooge O-Rama [Blu-ray], Suburra [Blu-ray]Taxi Hunter [Blu-ray], Unman, Wittering 
and Zigo [Blu-ray], Waterworld [Blu-ray], Weird Science 
[Blu-ray], and Wrong Reasons [Blu-ray]. 

Video Librarian: Aloners, Before, Now and Then, The Night of the 12th, Our Body, Passion, Sam Now, and Trenque Lauquen: Part 1

Credit: Image from Cult Epics via Amazon.   

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