Sunday, May 07, 2023

May Reviews

These are 
the reviews 
and other projects I'm working on this month

Crypticon: panel moderator for Anti-Heroes of Horror and 
The Master of Mumblegore: Ti West's Filmography of Fear.

Rock and Roll Globe: The Pointer Sisters' self-titled debut.

this month at a Beacon Cinema screening of The Mafu Cage. 

Town Hall Seattle: a conversation with David Schmader, 
author of Filmlandia!: A Movie Lover's Guide to the Films 
and Television of Seattle, Portland, and the Great Northwest.

Video Librarian: The Line, Fill 'er Up with Super
The Sunday Woman, Yakuza Graveyard, Entre Nous
Secret Defense, and Catchfire, aka Backtrack

Credit: Mia Goth as Pearl from The Guardian.

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