Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I've been reading Deborah Curtis's Touching From a Distance:
Ian Curtis and Joy Division

(1995) in preparation for Anton Corbijn's adaptation Control.
Here's my favorite non-musical bit:

When Ian finished work that evening,
we drove up into the hills to Windyway Kennels, the local animal sanctuary. A litter of chubby Border collies
was just about ready to find new homes, and we chose a friendly but frisky female. Ian named her Candy, after the Velvet Underground song 'Candy Says,' and was so delighted with her that I wondered why we hadn’t thought of having a dog before. While I took it upon myself to housetrain Candy and teach her to sit, Ian readily volunteered for the walkies. He never made any attempt to persuade her to walk to heel.
I can still see them together—a lanky young man being pulled along,
arm outstretched, by a panting, over-excited dog.

Endnote: Walkies—gotta love it. (I named my cat after VU guitarist Sterling Morrison.) Control opens in Seattle on 10/26.
It was produced by Curtis and Tony Wilson. Image from Joy
Division Central
(photo by Philippe Carly). Click here for part two.

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