Saturday, September 24, 2005

Brian Jonestown
Massacre, We Are
the Radio Mini-Al-
, Tee Pee Records

We Are the Radio
in the wake of the award-win-
ning documentary DIG! and
the double-disc retrospec-
tive Tepid Peppermint Wonderland. It also represents the
Brian Jonestown Massacre
's 15th anniversary.

According to the band's website, a staggering 60 members
have shuffled through its California-based ranks during
that time, although the All Music Guide "only" cites 40.

That's a lot of history. Can We Are the Radio bear the weight?
Well, it's just a five-song "mini-album," but I would argue that
it can. Co-writer SaraBeth Tuceck provides vocals for the first
three tracks ("Teleflow 5 vs. Amplification," the weakest, is
an instrumental) with Sir Anton Newcombe, as he's billed,
providing the occasional counterpoint or backing vocal.

It all sounds much like the Spacemen 3
of which New-
combe is an enthusiastic fan
as fronted by the ghost
of Sandy Denny. Others have compared Tuceck to
Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval, but I don't hear it.

While some may find the former Smog associate's wordless ut-
terings and oh-so-British inflections a bit much, Fairport Con-
vention fans aren't likely to mind. Even Newcombe sounds
like an Olde English folksinger, in Incredible String Band
mode, on the sitar-embellished "God Is My Girlfriend."

Although none of the songs are terrible memorable, all
are quite pleasant. I pronounce the venture a success.

Note: Image from the All Music Guide.

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