Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Siouxsie's Soul Sister

"Husik's music is clear-
ly the sum of her inspi-
rations: '60s psychede-
lia, '70s sci-fi movies,
and '90s indie-rock."
-- Keith Moerer
, Salon

Bozo (1991), the full-
length debut from multi-instrumentalist Lida Hu-
, marks one of my fav-
orite records of the 1990s.
Here are two videos feat-
uring her haunting vocals combined with two of her finer melodies.

The first features a still of the creepy-cool photo on the cover
. The second is where things get even more interesting with grainy, black-and-white images that capture the spooky beauty of Husik's music.

According to her notes, Shimmy Disc founder and Bongwater mem-
Kramer produced both. She writes, "Kramer's impromptu method and big echo sound influenced a lot of my future output. I wanted an otherworldly and remote mood." They succeeded spectacularly.

Husik has roots in New York and Washington DC, where she record-
ed as Red Emma, but has called Silverlake, CA home for the past few
years. Her website also says that "Lida will begin recording her 10th
record in August 2010 at the Little Golden Book Studio in Portland."

They ate all our candy.

"This video was shot at various locations around San Francisco in 19-
92 by Shane Francis. We filmed at Yosemite, at the airport, and on the
streets. Those were the days when you could walk into an airport and
just start filming an indie-rock video. In Golden Gate Park, we hap-
pened upon a clown who graciously allowed me to dance with her.

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Endnote: Image from Salon. For more infor-
mation about Lida Husik, please click here.

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