Friday, October 17, 2008

Reelin' in the Years: Part Five

Chapter One: It's All Relative
Snaps of the family. My favorite soap opera.

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Above: My grandfather, Edmund Francis Fennessy, in
the Irish Guards, circa 1918. A lifelong member of the IRA,
he was the ultimate badass. That said, I can't quite make
him out; possibly the guy in the back, to the far right.

My grand-
mother, Marguerite "Rita" Mitchard, and her

sister, Elizabeth "Bet" Mitchard, just off the boat
from Liverpool.
Note the golf clubs.

Grandma Ransom (née Scav-
etta, later Kiley) and Mom.

Mom sings a tune.

Dad as a teen. After his stint in the Army (working
underground), he became
a spectacle-sporter, and
has been wearing aviator-style frames ever since.

Mom in a photo taken, developed, cropped,
crinkled by Dad.

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Relative: Chapter Two

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Endnote: Click here for Part Four ("Celebs Invade Seat-
tle"). Cross-posted at Facebook. Thanks to my Dad for taking/preserving, scanning, and sending these images.

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