Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reelin' in the Years: Part Four

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Unlike part two, these pictures of film folk in Seattle, cir-
ca 2007-8, took place in venues other than Wallingford's
Blue Star Café (which I once reviewed for Seattle Sound).

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Above: At Quinn's on Capitol Hill. Filmmakers Robinson
and Charles Mudede (Police Beat, Zoo), editor
Mark Peranson (Cinema Scope), and executive direc-
tor Michael Seiwerath (Northwest Film Forum). Per-
anson had just introduced the NWFF's Pedro Costa ret-
Photo taken on 12/07 by E. Steven Fried.

"Critics Critiqued," 2/08 installment of the NWFF's quar-
terly Filmmaker's Saloon. Mudede, Jay Kuehner (Cin-
ema Scope, GreenCine Daily), me, and moderator/board
member Johan Liedegren. Photo by the NWFF.

Seiwerath and actor/director Bobcat Goldthwait at the NWFF
in 7/08. Goldthwait was just about to introduce Hal Ashby's debut,
The Landlord, a film he hadn't seen. (Producer/board president Jen-
nifer Roth talked him into offering his services as a benefit for the
NWFF.) Instead, Goldthwait, who was in town shooting
Greatest Dad
with Robin Williams, spoke to his affection for
Ashby's better known follow-up, Harold and Maude.

Me and Goldthwait. Before introducing The Land-
lord, he told me he'd always had a certain fondness
for Ashby's Secondhand Hearts with Robert Blake.

Daniel Clowes (Ghost World,
Art School Confidential) and editor/publisher/co-founder Gary Groth at the Fantagraphics Store on 9/08. I asked Clowes if he was still working with Michel Gondry
on an adaptation of Rudy Rucker's Master of Space and Time. He said they had decided it was impossible. Instead, he, Gon-
dry, and Gondry's son, Paul, are working on an original project.

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Endnote: All unattributed photos taken by me with Kodak one-
time use cameras. Click
here for Part One and here for Part Three.

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