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Dinosaur Jr. - An Encounter With the Beast: Part Two

Part two of a 1989 inter-
view from KCMU's Wire.

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Fennessy: When did you do the "Just Like Heaven" single?

J: We recorded it about a year ago.

Fennessy: I was wondering how you had the time to do that...

Murph: I think that song's pretty cool. I like that.

J: It's okay. I mean, it's better than "Show Me the
Way" [from 1987's You're Living All Over Me].

Fennessy: You didn't like that one? That's the impression I got.

J: No, I didn't like it.

Fennessy: Was it a joke or was it serious?

J: Yeah, Peter Frampton's a jerk.

Fennessy: I thought it was a good sing-
le. It's kind of "straight," but I like that.

J: Uh-huh. I don't know...I try to forget.

Fennessy: Were you mad that people were really into it?

J: I never got that impression.

Murph: Yeah, I got the impression that people hated it.

J: They hated it.

Fennessy: Is it true that your first album [Dinosaur] is a demo tape, that Homestead just put it out that way?

J: They told us to put out
an album. We did one.

Fennessy: I read something that says, "It sounds like a demo tape, because it is."

J: Well, we had to pay for the recording, and we didn't have any money, so it only cost us five hundred bucks to record it.

Murph: Yeah, we did it in this guy's basement that we knew.

Fennessy: How do you feel about that album?

J: It's weird, it's really weird, I think.

Steve: I agree.

Murph: I like it.

Fennessy: I like it a lot. To me it's really eclectic, because there's so much different sounding stuff on it. ["Different sounding stuff"?]

J: Yeah, because we hadn't really played together that long.

Murph: I never listen to stuff after we've
done it, so I totally forget about stuff.

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