Tuesday, May 04, 2021

May Reviews

These are the 
reviews and 
other projects 
I'm working 
on this month.

Seattle Film Blog: Flash Gordon, Punk the Capitol: Building a Sound Movement, and A Band Called Death: The Documentary, a review rescued from Line Out.

Video Librarian: Acasa, My Home [Blu-ray], Journeys Through French Cinema [Blu-ray set], Sensation Seekers & A Chapter in Her Life: Two Films by Lois Weber [Blu-ray]Switchblade Sisters [Blu-ray], Tiny Tim: King for a Day, FTA [Blu-ray], Fool for Love  
[Blu-ray], Heartworn Highways Revisited [Blu-ray]
Tove, and The Woman One Longs For [Blu-ray]

Endnote: Switchblade Sisters still from RoweReviews.

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