Sunday, June 02, 2019

June Reviews

Howard, Jones, Egerton, and Bell in Rocketman
These are 
the reviews 
and other 
pieces I'm 
working on 
this month.

City Pages: Elton John biopic 'Rocketman' is an extravagant jukebox musical with heart -- and sex.

Seattle Film Blog: SIFF 2019: Dark Meets Darker in the Under-Lit Louisiana of Phillip Youmans' Burning Cane.

Video Librarian: Milford Graves Full Mantis, The Most Dangerous Year, The Revival - Women and the Word, Time for Ilhan, Shameless - The Complete Ninth Season [four-disc set], Team Khan, Tickled, The Gospel According to André93 Queen, 3100: Run and Become, Birth on the Border, Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas - WM, Freedom Fighters, In Exile, Inventing Tomorrow, The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman, The Police - Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out [Blu-ray], and Sinatra in Palm Springs - The Place He Called Home [Blu-ray].

Endnote: Image from The Daily Mail.

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