Thursday, September 05, 2013

September Reviews

These are the reviews 
and other pieces I'm 
working on this month.

DVDs and

Still playing (or yet 
to open): Before Midnight, Blue Jasmine, Jobs, The Mortal Instruments - City
of Bones
, The Spectacular Now, Turbo, The Way, Way Back, We're the Millers.

Line Out: His Electro Blue Voice: These Italians Do It Better--and a Lot Louder, Tough Age's New Single Will Wake the Dead, MORE from Alexis Georgopoulos's Arp, The Dirtbombs Recreate the Bubblegum Era with Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!, Sun Getting You Down? Unlikely, but Just in Case: The New HSY EP Will Cure What Ails You, The Julie Ruin: A Super-Sized Sundae with Choc-
olate Sauce
, Brazilian Quartet Boogarins Release Summery, Sunlit Video for "Lucifernandis," On Nobody knows., Willis Earl Beal Trades the Studio Apartment for the Recording Studio, Photo-
grapher Jamel Shabazz Captures (and Continues to Capture) New York Cool
, "Living for the Future," the Spooky New Video from One-Man Factory Revival Band Vex Ruffin, In the First Single
off Their New Album, Tim Heidecker and Davin Wood Ask,
"What Else Is New?,"
CAVE's Ghostly "Shikaakwa" Video In-
tegrates Vector Rescanning and Raster Manipulation.  

Video Librarian: Shameless - Seasons 1 & 2 [four-disc set], 
Ain't In It for My Health - A Film About Levon Helm, Change,  
Carbon for Water, Ethiopia Dances for Joy!, How to Lose Your Virginity, Love Hate Love, Our Fires Still Burn - The Native Am-
erican Experience, Price of Gold, Enlightened – The Complete 
Second Season [two-disc set], Grey’s Anatomy - The Complete 
Ninth Season [six-disc set], and The Idolmaker [Blu-ray].  


Endnote: Arp image from Smalltown Supersound.

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