Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie of the Month: Part 30

I recently reviewed the
following DVD for Video
, and thought the
results were worth sharing.

GODS / Dioses [***]
(Josué Méndez, Peru, 2008, 91 mins.)

Gods presents a side of Peru not often seen in the United Stat-
es: the lives of the country's super-rich. The story starts off with
two seemingly unrelated narratives: a wary brother looks after
his flirtatious sister at a nightclub, while a lower-class woman so-
cializes with her upper-class fiancé's friends at a dinner party.

Mr. Augustín (Edgar Saba), as it transpires, is the father of Die-
go (Sergio Gjurinovic), a college student, and Andrea, a part-time
model. At one point, Augustín tells his son, "A woman who thinks
is a man." If his unsophisticated fiancée, Elisa (Maricielo Effio),
who shares their oceanfront compound just outside Lima, seems
nice enough, the kids are spoiled brats, and Diego also expresses
an unhealthy interest in Andrea, who finds out she's pregnant, but
has no idea who the father might be (suffice to say, it isn't Diego).

By the time she tells her father, it's too late for an abortion, so he
comes up with a plan designed to save the family's reputation.

Meanwhile, Elisa hangs out around the house, reading and talk-
ing to the help, whom most everyone else ignores unless some-
thing goes wrong or unless one of Diego's drunken friends is feel-
ing frisky (she also appears to come from a family of domestics).

If Elisa enjoys spending Augustín's money, she has little inter-
est in his shallow social circle, in which the men talk business
(and hot babes) and the women babble about more superficial
matters, not counting their hypocritical Bible study sessions.

Taking on the rich and clueless is like shooting fish in a barrel,
but director Josué Méndez isn't heartless, and it's hard not
to feel something for each of these characters. Plus, he incor-
porates a few maids in the action, including the patient Inés
(Magaly Solier), who serve as a sort of Greek chorus, rein-
forcing the Rules of the Game impression. Recommended.

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Endnote: Slightly revised from the original text. (I didn't
select a movie for July.) Image from Global Film Initiative.

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I am a student at Cascadia Community College currently enrolled in an American Media Class. I am doing my final report on Movies and was wondering if you would allow me to interview/ ask you some questions. There would be about 4-5 questions and they can be via e-mail. They will be in my final power point and essay so I also ask if I am allowed to cite or quote some of your responses. I will also need to include your picture for my teacher. Thank you for your consideration!
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