Monday, August 01, 2011

August Reviews


These are
the reviews
and other
pieces I'm
working on
this month.

Amazon DVDs: Cougar Town - The Complete Second Season [three-disc set] Ken Loach's Kes - The Criterion Collection, and Broken Hill (with Timothy Hutton, Luke Arnold, & Alexa Vega).

Amazon Theatricals: The Devil's Double (with Dominic
and Ludivine Sagnier), Oliver Schmitz's Life, Above All,
The Help (with Emma Stone, Viola Davis, & Octavia Spencer),
50/50 (Jonathan Levine directs Joseph Gordon-Levitt and
Seth Rogen), and Warrior (with Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte).

Still playing (or yet to open): Beats, Rhymes & Life - The Trav-
els of a Tribe Called Quest
, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Sarah's Key,
Weekend, Winnie the Pooh, X-Men - First Class, and The Yellow Sea.

SIFFBlog: When the site transitioned from Moveable Type to
Blogspot, all the images disappeared, so I've been slowly, but
surely re-adding them, re-formatting text, and fixing diacriti-
cal marks. The latest batch: Baby Doll and The Bridesmaid.

Still playing: Beginners, Page One - Inside NY Times, and Tabloid.

Line Out: AM & Shawn Lee's Celestial Electric, Widowspeak's
, Blank City, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, Salesmanship in Rock, Loney Dear's Hall Music, Jack Ob-
livian's Rat City, and Keeping up with the Joneses (via Fiennes).

Video Librarian: Dear Lemon Lima, Deep Purple - Phoenix Ris-
[Blu-ray], Eastbound & Down - The Complete Second Sea-
[two-disc set], The Names of Love, Riverdance - Live from
, Johnny Winter - Live at Rockpalast, Coexist, Crooked
, Eine Kleine Käserei (A Little Cheese Factory), Free-
dom Flyers of Tuskegee
, The Invisible Frame, Miss Rep-
, On the Edge, Louis Prima in Person - His
Wildest Performances
, Sperm Donor X - A Differ-
ent Conception
, Thy Will Be Done - A Tran-
sexual Woman's Journey through Fami-
ly and Faith
, I Will Follow, and Lou.

Endnote: Image from Interview Magazine.

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