Friday, April 01, 2011

April Reviews

These are the reviews and other pieces I'm
working on this month.

Amazon DVDs: Friday Night Lights - Season Five [3-disc set], Michael Winterbottom's A Summer in Genoa (with Colin Firth and Catherine Keener), and Identity (with Aidan Gillen) [2-disc set].

Amazon Theatricals: Kelly Reichardt's Meek's Cutoff (with
Michelle Williams and Bruce Greenwood), Morgan Spurlock's
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
, Julian Schnabel's Miral (with Hiam
), Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Water
for Elephants
(with Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson).

Armchair Commentary: Sidney Lumet obituary.

SIFF: Four more notes for the program guide (links to come).

Siffblog: Elia Suleiman's The Time That Remains and Some Days
Are Better Than Others
(with Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag's Carrie
Brownstein and Shins/Broken Bells front man James Mercer).

Video Librarian: Steve Reich - Phase to Face, Carancho, Clan-
nad - The Motion Picture
, Anton Chekhov's The Duel, Let's Talk
About Sex
, The Owls, Great Directors, I'm Just Anneke / The Fam-
ily Journey
, 9000 Needles, Nature - Elsa's Legacy: The Born Free
y, Hidden Battles, This Land Is Our Land - The Fight to Re-
claim the Commons
, The Heretics, Loving Lampposts, Miss HIV,
Mother Nature's Child - Growing Outdoors in the Media Age.

Endnote: Image from The Film Stage.

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