Saturday, December 19, 2009


Every few
I check
Google to
see where
my re-
(and oth-
er ephem-
era) are ending up. Here are some of the more interesting results.

Cinema Cinema:
AndMoreAgain review of Exile Baby

Cinema of the World:
Siffblog review of Skin, Skin

DVD Beaver:
Amazon review of Food, Inc.

Amazon review of This Is It

Hot Splice:
Siffblog photo of director Barry Jenkins

Humpday thanks

Reel Black:
Amazon review of Music Is the Weapon

Reverb Nation:
AndMoreAgain review
of The End of Suffering

Rivercoast Film:
Amazon review of American Meth

The Spiritualized Forums:
Wire interview with Loop's Robert Hampson
Amazon review of Totally Awesome

Endnote: Images from Barry Jenkins's Medicine
for Melancholy and Lynn Shelton's Humpday,
among my favorite films of the year (full list here).

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