Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eat, For This Is My Body


ing Us,

Eating Us is like the answer to a dream I didn't know I had.
Imagine if Air re-recorded Moon Safari under the influence of
some powerful psychotropics and invited a few old folkies and
young dance denizens to the party. In an ideal world, the re-
sults from that schizophrenic soirée would resemble the lat-
est enchantment from this mysterious Pittsburgh collective.

Goofy video for a great song.

Don't go looking to the glossy booklet for further information,
however, other than song titles. Like the cover, it consists en-
tirely of black and white photographic collages daubed with
splashes of neon orange. The back of the CD, however,
states that lysergic maestro Dave Fridmann (the Flam-
ing Lips, Mercury Rev) served as producer and that
the participants include Tobacco (voice + music +
visual), Iffernaut (drums), and Ryan Graveface
and Seven Fields of Aphelion (more music).

A few nursery rhyme-like lyrics float to the sparkling sur-
face: "Neon lemonade, eat my face away, na na-na-na na...
you and me, we're gonna melt away, like apples in the
ground..." All the while, Iffernaut pounds the skins like
a mad robot and the synthesizer player, whoe'er he
may be, sets his controls for the heart of the sun.

Eating Us serves as the ideal successor to Fridmann's work
on Rev's motorik-inspired Snowflake Midnight. And when you
least expect it, flute and banjo enter the fray. Though I'm new
to Black Moth Super Rainbow, I love, love, love this record.

Endnote: For more information about
Black Moth Super Rainbow, please click
here or here. Image from Fanatic Promotion.

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