Wednesday, April 01, 2009

in April

These are
the reviews
and other

pieces I'm
on this

Amazon DVD: Crude Impact.

Amazon Profiles: Peter Falk, Norman Jewison,
and Sidney Lumet for
Armchair Commentary.

Amazon Theatricals: Hunger, acclaimed film about IRA
leader Bobby Sands (with Michael Fassbender, above left), State of Play (remake of the British miniseries with Russell Crowe),
and Lemon Tree (with the always amazing Hiam Abbass).

Still playing (or yet to open): Confessions of a Shopaholic, Doubt, Gom-
, The Great Buck Howard, He's Just Not That into You, Milk, Rachel Get-
ting Married
, Sin Nombre, Sunshine Cleaning, Two Lovers, and Tyson.

Seattle International Film Festival: Thirteen blurbs
for the program guide. My eighth year as copy contributor.

Siffblog: Silent Light, film number three from Mexico's
Carlos Reygadas. Given time, I also intend to wrap up my interview with Trouble the Water's Tia Lessin before start-
ing one with Medicine for Melancholy's Barry Jenkins.

Still playing: Gran Torino.

Video Librarian: Battle in Seattle (click here for my Amazon
review), Bird by Bird with Annie (a portrait of writer Anne La-
mott), Kurtis Blow - The Hip Hop Anniversary Tour, Fashion in
Film, Flavor Flav - Live in Concert, Trouble the Water (click here
for my interview with Tia Lessin), and The World of the Doll Artist.

Endnote: Sometimes in April is the title of Raoul Peck's
fine HBO film about 1994's Rwandan genocide, starring The
Wire's Idris Elba. Hunger image from Time Out Sydney.

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