Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where in the World Is...

Every few months, I check Google to see where my reviews are
ending up. Here are some of the more interesting results.

Bach Movies:
Amazon review of The Anniversary Party

[My first Amazon theatrical review.]

Belinda Carlisle:
Amazon review of Voilà

Doomed to Be Stoned in a Sludge Swamp:
AMG review of the Screaming Trees - Buzz Factory

Eschatone Records:
AndMoreAgain review of Brian Dewan - Words of Wisdom
Amazon review of Crónicas

Amazon review of Style Wars

[This review is all over the net, which thrills me, as it means a
lot of people are discovering and re-discovering this b-boy gem.]
AMG biography of Benjamin Biolay

Memphis Music:
AMG review of Monsieur Jeffrey Evans - I've Lived a Rich Life

MSN Music:
AMG review of Love - Love Live

Queer Theory:
Amazon review of A&E Biography - Sal Mineo

Scott Walker - 30 Century Man:
Link to my Resonance interview with Stephen Kijak

The Seattle Times:
Article about Microsft's queue announcer program

[My job from 1992-98; I also recorded all phone support messages.]
Amazon review of The Honeymoon Killers
AndMoreAgain review of Jesse Dee - Bittersweet Batch

[They refer to me as an "internet pop culture blogger." Hey! I'll take it.]
AMG review of Mike Johnson - What Would You Do?

[They also feature my Buzz Factory review, among others.]

Endnote: In addition, in the months before David Hudson
left GreenCine—he's now at—he linked to the follow-
ing reviews, interviews, and other ephemera: Duplass Brothers interview, 2008 film list, Day of Wrath, A Colt Is My Passport,
i.e. "Billed as a noir, the film feels more like a thriller with Left
Bank overtones; more Albert Camus than Jean-Luc Godard,"
and Matt Wolf's debut, i.e. "There's nothing overtly strange about
[Arthur Russell's] music, except it's ethereal without entering the
more recognizable realms of psychedelia or new age (and intimate
without qualifying as conventional singer/songwriter fare). It's
accessible, in other words, but not commercial. And there you
have it: the kiss of death. You also have the makings of a cult
artist, and that's where Wild Combination begins..."

I'm also name-checked in the following thread at The Stran-
ger's Line Out. It's weird when you're reading a blog and all of
a sudden you stumble across your own name. Happily, no one
said anything unkind. Sadly, some of the chatter is inaccurate,
i.e. a couple of people seem to think I'm a regular contribut-
or to The Seattle Weekly. I'm not. Image from Fatlace.


ratzkywatzky said...

Love that Vaughn-Bode-style graffiti. There used to be an incredible Bode warrior babe spray-painted in the King Street Station tunnel. It disappeared a few years ago, but it lasted for about 15 years. I wish Bode had lived to see graffiti artists embrace him.

kathy fennessy said...

Me too. Saw lots of graffiti in Rome--hey, it's an Italian word!--but nothing quite that creative, and in that ancient city, it just seemed...out of place.