Monday, December 01, 2008

December Reviews: A Double Dose of Wu

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I'm work-
ing on

Amazon DVDs: Poor Little Rich Girl - The Barbara Hut-
ton Story
[two-disc set] (with Farrah Fawcett), Patti Smith -
of Life
, Wu - The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan,
and Saxondale - Complete Seasons 1 & 2 [three-disc set].

Amazon Theatricals: Doubt (Oscar bait with Meryl
Streep, Amy Adams, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman), Noth-
ing Like the Holidays
(Latino dramedy with Alfred Molina
and Freddy Rodríguez), and Timecrimes (Spanish time-
travel thriller to be remade by David Cronenberg).

Still playing or yet to open: Breakfast with Scot, Burn After Read-
, Igor, Lakeview Terrace, Let the Right One In, Milk, Nick and Nor-
ah's Infinite Playlist
, Rachel Getting Married, and Waltz with Bashir.

Siffblog: Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino, Carl Theodor
Dreyer's Day of Wrath, and my tops of 2008 film list.

I also cleaned up the following: After the Wedding, Army of Shadows, Bamako, Brigitte and Brigitte, Colossal Youth, Eight Deadly Shots,
Festival, Half Nelson, Mala Noche, Mutual Appreciation, My Suicidal
Sweetheart (formerly Max and Grace), Russian Dolls, Skin, Skin, Sophie
Scholl - The Final Days, Two or Three Things I Know About Her, The
and chats with Gregg Araki, Lynn Shelton, Robinson Devor,
Keith Fulton, and John Scheinfeld.
The pieces were searchable, but the old links point-
ed to corrupted pages. A blogger's work is never done!

Video Librarian: Gitane Demone - Life After Death [two-disc set], The House of the Rising Punk, Live from Abbey Road - Best
of Season One [two-disc set], Smashing Pumpkins - If All Goes
Wrong [two-disc set] , Johnny Winter - Live Through the '70s,
Wu - The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan, ZOOM - Back to the
'70s [two-disc set], Deciphering Dyslexia, Going on 13, Grey,
Black and Blue – Nursing Home Violence, Just Me, Dear Talu-
la, The Female Face of AIDS - Crisis in Malawi, Nickelback -

Live at Sturgis 2006, Passion & Power - The Technology of
Orgasm, Living Colour - New Morning: The Paris Concert,
Chic - Live at Budokan, and The Early Works of Cheryl Dunye.

Endnote: Images from Rock the Bells (Day 1)/Flickr
(7/28/07) by Undisputed Wes (

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