Sunday, June 01, 2008

are the
and oth-
er assign-
I'm work-
ing on
for this

Amazon DVDs: Recount (HBO docudrama with Kevin Spacey and Tom Wilkinson), For One More Day (Michael Imperioli and Ellen Burstyn reunite for another Mitch Albom adaptation), The Criterion Collection - Classe Tous Risques (click here for my Siffblog review), The Criterion Collection - The Furies (Anthony Mann directs Walter Huston and Barbara Stanwyck), The Criterion Collection - Mishima: A Life in Four Parts (Paul Schrader directs Ken Ogata), and Bonneville (with Jessica Lange and Joan Allen).

Amazon Theatricals: The Great Buck Howard (with John Malkovich and Colin Hanks) and Wanted (with James McAvoy).

Coming soon: Baghead, Elite Squad, and Gonzo. Robert Pollard - Is Off to Business
and Joan as Policewoman - To Survive.

IndieWIRE: Coverage
of SIFF's second half.

Siffblog: Capsules of Bigger,
Stronger, Faster*
, The Great
Buck Howard
, Zidane, a 21st
Century Portrait, and Derek
and Baghead. Also, a look at fav-
orite film lines, a preview of a Hal
Ashby retrospective
, thoughts ab-
out a beloved song from an ill-fated
, and a visit to the set of Lynn Shelton's next feature, Humpday.

Above right: Dexter Fletcher in Derek Jarman's Caravaggio (1986).

Video Librarian: Surfwise (Doug Pray's follow-up to
Scratch), Dangerous Dance (from Israel),
Til Death Do Us
(doc about women who killed their abusers), Keali'i Reich-
el - Live in Concert, and Limp Bizkit - Rock Im Park 2001.

Endnote: Performed by incomparable tea-drinker Rob-
ert Wyatt, "Moon in June" comes from
Soft Machine's Third
(1970). Images from The New York Times and Urban Image.

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