Friday, February 01, 2008

Monsieur Valentine

These are the reviews
(and assignments) I'm
working on this month.

Amazon CDs: After almost six months off, I should be covering CDs again soon...

Amazon DVDs: Beauty
and the Beast - The Final Season
[three-disc set] (post-Linda Hamilton), Family Ties - The Third Season [four-disc set], Curb
Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Sixth Season
[two-disc set]
(I also reviewed the first three seasons), The Last Emperor - Criterion Collection [four-disc set], Miss Julie - Criterion Collection, National Geographic - 6 Degrees That Could
Change the World
, and American Meth (narrated by Val
Kilmer, who played a meth addict in The Salton Sea).

Amazon Theatricals: Caramel (Beirut beauty salon melo-
drama), City of Men (follow-up to City of God), Penelope (mod-
ern-day fable with Christina Ricci), Chicago 10 (from the mak-
ers of The Kid Stays in the Picture), and Charlie Bartlett (Anton
Yelchin alert).
[If you don't know who Yelchin is, click here, here, or here.]

Still Playing: Teeth, The Counterfeiters, Grace Is Gone, and U2 3D.

Idolator: My 2007 ballot plus commentary lives here.

Northwest Film Forum:
Participant in "Filmmaker's
Saloon: Critics Critiqued,"
panel discussion and socializ-
ing event for the local film com-
munity (Tues., 2/19, at 8pm).

Resonance: Click here to download the current issue (#55). Unless the 14-year-old magazine is able to relaunch as a web-
zine in '09, this is the friend. No more print copies ev-
er. My (semi-) final reviews include Baby Elephant - Turn My
Teeth Up!, Pascal Blanchet - White Rapids, Young Marble Gi-
ants - Colossal Youth, Paul Drummond - Eye Mind: The Saga
of Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, the Pioneers
of Psychedelic Sound, and Cinema 16 - European Short Films.

Seattle Sound: My interview with Zoo producer Alexis Ferris appears in the current issue. Click here for the digital edition.

Siffblog: Sisu Cinema: Nine from the Finnish New Wave
(a look at Mikko Niskanen's Skin, Skin and Eight Deadly Shots)
a revamped version of Amos Gitai's Free Zone (new images, etc.).

Endnote: "The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine" appears on Spoon's Gimme Fiction. Images from Amazon and Matador.

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