Monday, February 11, 2008

Colossal Search Results

Every few months, I check Google to see where my re-
views (and other pieces) are ending up. Here are some of
the more interesting results.

Allen Moyle:
Amazon review of
New Waterford Girl

AOL Music:
AMG review of Joy Division - The First Peel Session

Awesome 80s:
Amazon review of Who's the Boss?

[They also feature my Golden Girls review.]

The Cirque Tribune:
Amazon review of Cirque du Soleil - Solstrom

Amazon review of Underground

About the film, this kind gentleman adds:
I'm in agreement with the great Kathleen C. Fennessy when I say

that Underground isn't for the faint of heart. It's loud, it's long and
it's sad. I might also add that it will wear on you and leave you feel-
ing tired and depleted. It's an exercise for the mind and a test of your
mettle. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to go take a nap afterwards.

The High Hat:
Siffblog review of
Colossal Youth

Kono Tiki Island:
AMG review of the
Scientists - Weird Love

[Note that the above authors take a couple of statements to
task. They're fairly respectful, so I've got no problem with it.
Dissent only bothers me when a writer is rude or dismissive.]
Amazon review of Lois & Clark - The Complete Third Season

AMG review of Various Artists - Deep Six

And lastly:
Mention in Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America

[Last year, I was also interviewed by music writer Greg Prato for his upcoming oral history of grunge, and last week, I was asked to con-
tribute to a Spanish book about independent rock and the cinema.]

Endnote: For some reason, GreenCine's David Hudson has-
n't linked to any of my reviews for awhile now, but here's a shout-
out from a few months ago: "Nowadays, some consider Baby Doll
a classic, others a disappointment or even an embarrassment,"
writes Kathy Fennesy at the Siffblog. "To me, it's none of those
things. Rather, it plays more like parody—self-parody (specif-
ically of Kazan's previous Williams adaptation, A Streetcar
Named Desire
), Tennessee Williams in general (his first
script combines two one-act plays), the Actors Studio
(from which the core trio originates), and the
Deep South (though the cast denies it)."

And here are a couple of citations at Hot Splice: "Long? Maybe.
But boring? Only if your heart is cold,"
and "Kathy Fennessy at
Siffblog gives a little preview of this weekend's Skin, Skin screen-
ing in our Sisu Cinema: Nine from The Finnish New Wave series."

If it weren't for these sorts of mentions, few people would
even know Siffblog exists, so thanks to Hudson and the fine
folks at the NWFF for bringing some new readers our way.

Images: Pedro shirt pic from the archives (a similar one
graces the cover of Cinema Scope, issue #27). "Costa Cab-
al" photo taken by E. Steven Fried. Pictured: director Rob-
inson Devor, writer Charles Mudede, Cinema Scope editor
Mark Peranson, and NWFF executive director Michael Sei-
werath (those are my fingers in the lower left-hand corner).

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