Saturday, November 03, 2007

November Has Come

These are the reviews
(and other assignments)
I'm working on this month.

Amazon DVDs: Full House - The Complete Eighth Season [four-disc set] (click here for seasons one through seven), MI-5, Volume 5 [five-discs worth of British spooks], Wedding Daze (Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher), and Blame It on Fidel! (the daughter of Costa-Gavras directs the daughter of Gerard Depardieu in one of the year's best films). I've also been contributing cataloging assistance to the Art House and International stores.

Amazon Theatricals: I'm Not There (Todd Haynes on the
many faces of Dylan), How to Cook Your Life (food prep as Zen practice), The Orphanage (Guillermo del Toro-produced hor-
ror), and The Walker (Paul Schrader directs Woody Harrelson).

Now playing: October reviews of Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Control, Gone Baby Gone, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Lars and the Real Girl, Reservation Road, and the Shohei Imamura retrospective.

Siffblog: The Landlord (Hal Ashby’s first), Baby Doll (DVD
review of the Kazan klassic), and revamped versions of Lem-
(Dominik Moll's second) and A Chat with Lynn Shelton.

Note: I was planning to review Tony Kaye's abortion doc Lake of Fire, but time got away from me. These pieces, however, are worth a look: Voice review and LA Weekly interview ("What fascinated me was that I’d read some interviews with people who were actively pro-life and actively pro-choice, and I found myself agreeing with everybody 100 percent"). Time permitting, I'll review the DVD when it comes out.

Endnote: A nice, low-key funk-pop jam, "November Has Come" derives from 2005's Demon Days. Incidentally, I picked up the first (self-titled) Gorillaz disc after watching Roger Michell's The Mother (Daniel Craig plays the man who seduces the older woman of the title). There's a great scene where her grandson bops around the house to "Clint Eastwood" (click for the video). I had to have that record. Image from the CIA (Cinematic Intelligence Agency).

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