Sunday, November 25, 2007

Don't Look Back

Every few months, I check
Google to see where my re-
views (and other pieces) are ending up. Here are some of
the more interesting results.

AMG reviews of Lloyd Price - Lawdy Miss
and the Incredible String Band - U

Cheater Pint:
AndMoreAgain review of Cheater Pint - Dark Side of the Pint

Don't Look Back:
AMG review of Scientists - Blood Red River

We Heart Music:
AMG bio of the All Girl Summer Fun Band

The Imagination Movers:
Amazon review of the Imagination Movers - Stir It Up

Legacy Recordings:
AMG review of Alejandro Amenábar -
The Others
[original soundtrack]

Palm Pictures:
Amazon review of The Work of Director Stéphane Sednaoui

RoyaList Online:
Amazon review of Marie Antoinette

Amazon review of Hinder - Extreme Behavior

The Washington Post:
Amazon review of Second Generation

Endnote: Yes, I can now say I've been "published" in Bill-
and The Washington Post! No doubt they have a lic-
ensing agreement with Amazon—but still. It is what it is.

Also here's a shout-out from Hot Splice, "Kathy Fennessy has posted an interesting reaction to Bruce Weber’s Let's Get Lost
over at Siffblog. I must admit, I didn’t know Weber was most recently known for his photography of Abercrombie & Fitch models. Though the cinematography for Let's Get Lost is cred-
ited to Jeff Preiss, I’ll surely be considering the juxtaposition
of Chet Baker’s jazz milieu with that of the modern fashion scene when I see the film next week." In addition, The National Soc-
iety of Film Critics
continues to highlight my Amazon reviews,
like the cult-astic Over the Edge (Matt Dillon's first film).

Don't Look Back image (Pennebaker shoots Dylan) from
The Sacramento Bee. Click here for I'm Not There review. In
the film, Todd Haynes recreates scenes from the documentary.
He also recreates scenes from Murray Lerner's Festival. (Click here for my Siffblog review.) In Haynes' version of events, Newport is rechristened "The New England Jazz and Folk Fes-
tival." For those who can't get anough Newport-era Dylan, Ler-
ner has just issued The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan at
the Newport Folk Festival
. Click here for more information.

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