Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Quicker Picker Upper

PRE, Epic Fits,
Skin Graft [9/18/07]

Akiko only wears underwear on stage. When she comes
on at first, she seems a little vulnerable in her minimal clothing...but then she starts singing and explodes.

-- Rock On London

If it's on Skin Graft Records, you know it's going to be loud. That's the rule. I've listened to a few of their records now, and this London outfit are a perfect fit. Lots of yelling, sub-metallic guitar mangling, rumbling bass, and pounding drums—works for me.

That said, I have no idea what Akiko "Keeks" Matsuura is yelling about, or whether it's even in English (though a few words seem to be...). John Webb and Kevin Hendrick are also credited with vocals, but they only add a few exclamations here and there. The quintet is rounded out by Rick Bennett on drums and Matt Warburton on bass—yep, two bass players (rumble, rumble).

That said, the song titles are in English. They include "Drool...," "Fudging on Our Folks," and "Scenes from a 1963 Los Angles Love-in." And those are just the first three. There are 14 short tracks altogether, including a Half Japanese cover ("Ride Ride Ride").

The grand total: 20 minutes and some change. And there you
have it. I was drinking my morning coffee while listening to this CD, but Epic Fits would've woken me up just fine all by itself.

Endnote: According to the press notes, "Epic Fits is available in three editions. Two are CDs from Skin Graft Records: a standard jewel case and an individually numbered 'first edition' packaged with a fold-out poster sleeve and encased in an embossed metal box. The gatefold vinyl LP is available from Lovepump United."

Incidentally, last week I watched the movie Without Limits about Steve Prefontaine (a blond Billy Crudup). In no way did this album remind of the Oregon runner, except for one thing. His nickname was "Pre." For more information about PRE, please see their MySpace Page (from which I swiped the band portrait above).

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