Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bummer in the Summer

All alone on the bone when I didn't have a home
When I saw the way I was and I knew where I was supposed to be
I was twitchin' so I turned and it's really hard to learn
That everyone I saw was just another part of me.
-- Arthur Lee, "Bummer in the Summer," Forever Changes (1967)

These are the reviews
and other assignments
I'm working on this month.

Amazon CDs: Sara Bareilles - Little
and Lifehouse - Who We Are.

Amazon DVDs: The Flying Scotsman (Jonny Lee Miller on
a bicycle), Wild Tigers I Have Known, Black Book (Verhoeven
is back—and van Houten's got him), A Crude Awakening, and
Full House - The Complete Seventh Season [six-disc set].

Amazon Theatricals: The 11th Hour (Leonardo DiCaprio
takes on global warming), Becoming Jane (Anne Hathaway as
Jane Austen), El Cantante (Marc Anthony as Héctor Lavoe), The
(Commandments, that is; with Paul Rudd), Broken English
(Parker Posey falls for Melvil Poupard), and Hot Rod (Lorne
Michaels-produced comedy with SNL's Andy Samberg).

Resonance Music: Baby
Elephant - Turn My Teeth Up!
(Prince Paul and Bernie Wor-
rell), M. Ward - Duet for
Guitars #2
(reissue), Young
Marble Giants - Colossal
(expanded edition),
and the soundtrack to You're
Gonna Miss Me
(a collection
of tracks from Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators).

Seattle Sound: An interview with John Sayles
and a sidebar on the Honeydripper All-Star Band.

Siffblog: An Interview with John Scheinfeld and up-
dated versions of Half Nelson and 3-Iron, Après Vous...,
and Me and You and Everyone We Know

Endnote: No, I'm not having a bummer summer, but I couldn't
resist the opportunity to crib from the late Mr. Lee (from whom
this site takes its name). Plus, I already swiped Colin Meloy's
"July, July" for last year's review roundup. Lyrics from Lyrics
, images from Hollywood Hangover and Google Images (Nil-
sson and Lennon shooting pool—with berets!). Y'know, Arthur
looks like Benicio Del Toro in that first pic. Weird...but cool.

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