Sunday, March 04, 2007

This Is Your Brain on...

Aa, GAaME,
Gigantic Music

The kindsa sounds that young people should
be making and enjoying in bistros from here to
...and it sounds quite pleasing!
-- Thurston Moore, Arthur Magazine

The name is pronounced "BIG A little a." On their first full-length, this Brooklyn quartet creates an art punk-meets-no wave noise that owes a greater debt to tribal and industrial traditions than to trip-hop, dubstep, or whatever the kids are dancing to these days.

In other words, GAaME is more Animal Collective than Scissor Sisters. I also detect delectable traces of the Pop Group and Savage Republic. Maybe it's because I don't usually like what passes for modern dance music, but I dig the whispering, the chanting, the woozy bursts of brass, the low-frequency washes of synth, and the three percussionists pounding out jungle beats.

Somehow, Aa manages to be both calming and energizing. Recommended for schizophrenics and wannabe-schizophrenics. They're like a Class A narcotic without all those nasty side effects.

Note: Image from, video from YouTube.

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