Thursday, February 01, 2007

Inspiration Information

Shortly after reviewing the Criterion Collection edition of Border Radio, her first film (directed with Kurt Voss and Dean Lent), I stumbled across Allison Anders' list of her top 10 Criterion Collection DVDs. Sure, I'm a fan, but I took a look out of curiosity more than anything else. Her explanations behind the choices, however, are much richer than I had any right to expect. I mean, this is pretty much her history as both filmgoer and filmmaker (the two are indivisible).

Here's the introduction. Click here for thoughts on her selections.

Wow, this assignment kicked my ass in a glorious way!
As with everyone before me, picking just ten Criterion
classics is too daunting; so you have to find a system that
allows you to play a favorites game, all the while knowing
there are others you have left out that you love as much
but maybe have less original things to say about.

Despite our disparate backgrounds--she grew up in a different place (Kentucky) and in a different era (the 1950s)--her personal, yet resonant responses make me want to run out and buy every single one of these DVDs. Right now. Bank account balance be damned. Bless you, Ms. Anders, for furthering the noble cause of cinephilia! And bless you, Criterion Collection, for just being you.

Endnote: Inspiration Information is the title of an album by Shuggie Otis, son of Johnny. It includes the original version of "Strawberry Letter 23," later covered by the Brothers Johnson. One of my favorite funk-pop hits of the 1970s. Image from Rialto.

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