Saturday, July 22, 2006

Where in the World is...

Carmen Sandiego? Matt
Lauer? No, me. Here are
some of the more interesting
sites on which I've found my
reviews and other ephemera.


Analogue Haven:
Amazon reviews of The Director's Series, Vols. 4-6

[The typos are their addition.]
Amazon review of Various Artists -
Austin City Limits Music Festival 2005

Canine Equipment Outfitters:
Amazon review of My Family and Other Animals

CD Baby:
(Over-long) AMG bio of Dennis Driscoll

Facets of Religion:
Amazon review of Luther

Reference to my Siffblog review of Brigitte and Brigitte:

Somewhat related is Kathy Fennessy's Siffblog entry on Sam Fuller and Luc Moullet, in which Cahiers has a cameo.

[Thanks to Bill for bringing this to my attention.]

Metroblogging Seattle:
Siffblog list of release dates
AMG review of The 13th Floor Elevators - Live
AMG review of Nicolai Dunger - Tranquil Isolation

Endnote: I had the good fortune to interview Michel Gondry while in town with The Science of Sleep, which opens on 9/22/06. We also chatted about the underlooked Dave Chappelle's Block Party, among other projects, like his Director's Series DVD. He was very happy with the way that turned out and looks forward to doing another. Incidentally, when I asked if he was a fan of Serge Gainsbourg (he cast Serge's daughter, Charlotte, in Science), he replied, "In my home, the two Gods were Serge Gainsbourg and Duke Ellington." He also described Charlotte as "magical." Images from the IMDb (that's Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal on the drums).

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