Sunday, October 16, 2005

List: Searchin' Every
Which A-way, or Recent Review Reproductions

With apologies to the Coasters, if you go searchin' Google using my full name, Kathleen C. Fennessy, you'll get approximately 49,800 hits (Kathy Fennessy nets 13,800).

Don't be impressed; the vast majority are duplicates of reviews originally written for the All Music Guide, Amazon, and Tablet. Every few months, I check to see where they're ending up and these are some of the more interesting sites I encountered when I checked this month.

Incidentally, most of my Amazon reviews are automatically shared with/licensed to and linked to the IMDb, whereas a lot of my AMG reviews/biographies are automatically shared with ARTISTdirect, eMusic,, and Yahoo! Music, so I'm not counting those sorts of instances.


The Dirtbombs:
Link to Tablet interview with Mick Collins

[This barely qualifies as I brought it to the attention of the webmistress; it's still cool to be mentioned on a Dirtbombs site.]

Girl Trouble:

Link to AMG biography of Girl Trouble

The Golden Girls Online:
Amazon reviews of The Golden Girls -

The Complete First and Second Seasons

K Records:
AMG biography of the All Girl Summer Fun Band
Link to Amazon review of Veronica Mars -

The Complete First Season

Harry Nilsson Web Pages:
Amazon review of Around the Bend

[The movie features the Nilsson track "Daddy's Song."]

The Scoundrelles:
AMG review of Various Artists - The Sympathetic Sounds of London (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Amazon review of Eric Clapton - Back Home (Warner Bros)

[There's a lot of Billy Preston's Hammond B3 on Back Home, but I didn't notice any Theremin. Meanwhile, I'm currently listening to Jack Nitzsche's closing theme to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (from Hearing is Believing)--the Theremin is unmistakable.]

Link to AMG biography of Visqueen

[Is Wikipedia one of the coolest sites on the Web or what?]

Other sites: Always on the Run (AMG biography of
Kathryn Williams), (Amazon review
of Ilé Ayé), (Tablet review of Lushy),
(AMG biography of Keren Ann), (Amazon review
of Will & Grace - The Complete Fourth Season), and
(Amazon review of the Directors Label, Volumes 4-7).

Postscript: Image of Keren Ann from the AMG. So, has anyone else ever noticed the resemblance between her and Charlotte Gainsbourg? Maybe it's because both are part-French, part-Russian. Speaking of which, here's a quote from the Sunday Times ("The Unfairest of Them All") on the concept of jolie laide ("pretty-ugly"), "Today's version of an iconic jolie laide is the French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, whose complex gamine charm has pedigreed status: her mother is the actress Jane Birkin, and her father is the weltschmerz-ridden crooner Serge Gainsbourg, who actually penned a song with the title 'Jolie Laide.'"

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